The health risks of scented candles: A doctor’s warning from Al-Marsad newspaper

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2023-12-04 19:21:08
Doctor Warns of Health Risks Associated with Candles

In a recent video clip, a doctor issued a warning about the potential danger of candles to health, particularly those made from paraffin. The doctor explained that while candles made from natural beeswax do not produce harmful combustion exhaust, the majority of candles on the market today are made from paraffin, a petroleum substance.

When paraffin candles are burned, they release car exhaust and gasoline, which are known to be carcinogenic and can cause breathing problems. The doctor also cautioned against the use of scented candles, as they often contain dangerous substances that can disrupt the body’s hormone balance, particularly estrogen.

This warning comes as many people rely on candles for ambiance and relaxation, especially during the upcoming holiday season. The doctor’s advice serves as a reminder to prioritize health and well-being when selecting and using candles in the home. It may be worth considering natural, beeswax-based alternatives to reduce potential health risks associated with traditional paraffin and scented candles.]
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