The ITV want the ZBE cameras to control if the car has passed the inspection

The ITV want the ZBE cameras to control if the car has passed the inspection

Three out of four vehicles will be affected by the Climate Change Law and the establishment of restrictions on circulation in municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. It is a circumstance that the ITV wants to serve to identify vehicles that circulate without having passed the inspection.

Thus, the Association of Entities for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles of the Community of Madrid (AEMA-ITV) has asked the authorities that the cameras that identify the environmental badge of the vehicles are also used to check if the cars have the ITV at day.

With the extension of the Low Emission Zones (ZBE) to Madrid municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and the prohibition of entry into the interior of the M-30 For vehicles without an environmental badge, AEMA-ITV has shown its interest that the cameras installed to guarantee compliance with this regulation are also used to check if they have the updated ITV.

As of this year 2023, the Low Emission Zones will have to come into operation in more than 150 Spanish municipalities. In Spain, around 11.5 million cars circulate through these towns and, of these, the measure will affect, at least, almost four million vehicles, which are those that do not have the DGT logo. This badge, which categorizes vehicles depending on their degree of contaminationwill be the one that sets the tone on which vehicles can access these areas and which ones cannot.

AEMA-ITV has emphasized that having the Technical Vehicle Inspection up to date is also necessary to ensure good air quality in Madrid, since only in this way can vehicles whose emissions exceed the limits defined by the applicable regulations be detected.

The data provided by the Vehicle Archive of the Community of Madrid have revealed that, only in November 2022, ITV stations in the region detected 16,631 vehicles with serious defects due to their high emissions of polluting gases. Despite this, the Madrid association recalls that absenteeism in periodic ITV reviews is close to 40%.

“Having the DGT environmental sticker is not enough to guarantee that the vehicle’s emissions do not exceed the limits set by the regulations,” said the presidente de AEMA-ITV, Jorge Sorianoexplaining that it may happen that the pollutant emissions system is not working as it should, something that can only be verified at ITV stations.

The claim filed by AEMA-ITV has already been brought to the fore before the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies last year, with the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA-ITV) as the main signatory.

These associations have ensured that use already installed cameras For the detection of vehicles with expired ITV it would be a simple procedure, since it could be done through the recognition of the license plate that these devices already carry out.


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