The PNL duo announces their return with a new track called “Gaza”

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2023-12-08 12:48:33

The PNL duo, who have been showing their support for Palestine on social networks for weeks, announce the surprise release of a new track.

“For the love of life.” PNL takes everyone by surprise and announces the release, this Friday at midnight, of a new title. The duo, who haven’t released anything for four years and the album Two brothers, made the announcement Thursday, December 7 in the evening on social networks. “For the love of life. In the name of humanity. God is great. A day of peace”, we can read on the publication, seen by some 8 million people.

Since the start of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, NOS and Ademo have continued to display, on their respective accounts on social networks, their support for the Palestinian population, particularly in the Gaza Strip. The first of them had even called out Emmanuel Macron on the situation: “Mr. President, first of all know that we are all proud to be French. That we all condemn Hamas’ attacks on children and innocent civilians”, he wrote, before adding: “Mr. President, as hard as your role must be, we ask you, in the name of all French people of heart, to support the innocent civilians in Gaza in complete perdition. To provide your assistance, in the name of our nation. To represent universal peace.”

In this line, the single announced by PNL is entitled Gaza. In the short video shared to tease this piece, we can see images of the destruction inflicted on Gaza by the Israeli army. The PNL song will be available from Friday midnight on streaming platforms and should cause a lot of talk.

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