The Port of Valencia develops an integrated maritime traffic management platform |

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2023-12-01 09:41:56
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The Port Authority of Valencia (Spain) has awarded Hiades Business Partners the development of an integrated management platform for maritime traffic operations for an amount of 472,100 euros.

The objective of this project is to centralize all sources of information related to maritime traffic to satisfy the control and coordination needs of the port entity. Given the intensity of traffic in the port of Valencia and the diversity of actors involved in the provision of services, it is considered essential to acquire a tool that complements maritime traffic control and allows the integrated management of activities that may interfere or generate risks.

The platform will be based mainly on free software and will integrate all existing sources of information on the management of maritime traffic operations. The objectives of technological development include the automation of the management of activities and services coordinated with maritime traffic, real-time monitoring of said activities, the acquisition of situational awareness for the agents involved and the integration of information with the rest available. in the port.

The aim is to have a real-time visualization system of the port situation, as well as a historical repository of maritime operations data for integration into the platform.

On the other hand, the Port of Valencia has recently marked a milestone by becoming the first and only port facility in both Europe and the world to use in real operation a ReachStacker or stacker that moves containers weighing more than 30 tons using exclusively hydrogen as fuel. .

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