The Unimaginable Salaries in the Saudi Football League vs the Top European Leagues

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2023-12-07 21:37:01
Last summer, the Saudi Football League shook the world of football with the staggering amounts of money it offered to players, surpassing all other major leagues in the process. The differences in salary between the top players in Europe and those in Saudi Arabia are incomprehensibly large, according to capology, a reliable source for football player salary data.

The top ten earners in the English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Saudi leagues were compared to show the stark contrast. In the English league, Kevin de Bruyne led the way with 13.3 million euros, while in the Italian league, Dusan Vlahovic topped the list with 7 million euros. Frankie de Jong was the top earner in the Spanish league with 18 million euros, and the French league saw Kylian Mbappe dominate with 39.6 million euros.

In comparison, the Saudi league unveiled astonishing salaries: Cristiano Ronaldo topped the charts with an astounding 196 million euros, dwarfing the amounts earned by the top players in Europe. Even the Premier League’s highest earner, Kevin De Bruyne, ranked 20th in the Saudi league in terms of wages.

The question now arises whether this trend will continue, with no apparent signs of slowing down. It seems that last summer was just the beginning of the Saudi Football League’s entry into the world football market, and the impact it has had on player salaries is unprecedented.
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