The Union of Driving Schools predicted a mass closure due to a rise in car prices

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Chairman of the Board of the Union of Driving Schools Alexander Achkasov warned of a possible massive closure of driving schools by 2025 due to higher car prices. With such a statement, he made a live broadcast of the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“If such prices for cars continue, then we will simply have nothing to teach for three years. If a car used to cost 600,000-700,000, now it costs 2 million. This can lead not only to a rise in price, but to the closure of driving schools,” Achkasov said. The Chairman of the Board of the Union of Driving Schools added that even now the training centers are facing problems due to the rise in the cost of car maintenance, on which future drivers study.

In Russia, since March of this year, there has been a significant increase in car prices. The increase in the cost of transport is explained by the withdrawal of foreign car manufacturers from the market and sanctions, due to which European manufacturers of spare parts no longer supply components to Russia.

Thus, according to the Avtostat analytical agency, in March 2022 the cost of a new car reached a record 2.8 million rubles. But by June, the weighted average cost fell to 2.38 million rubles. Sergey Udalov, executive director of Avtostat, noted that prices for new cars are likely to return to pre-crisis levels as early as June this year.

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