The Unprecedented Firepower of the Air Force in Gaza: A Pilot’s Perspective

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2023-12-09 15:46:15
Title: Unprecedented Air Force Firepower in Gaza

The Air Force has been relentless in its attacks in the Gaza Strip, with fighter planes, helicopters, and UAVs operating around the clock. Major E., deputy commander of Squadron 101, describes the intensity of the attacks, stating that they are still not close to the maximum capacity they can give.

Notably, E.’s younger brother is also a fighter pilot and they have encountered each other in the skies of Gaza. “My brother is a pilot of an F-35 ‘Adir’ plane and there were several times I recognized him in the air when we passed nearby. The moment when we realized we were next to each other and I recognized him was very significant for me,” E. said enthusiastically.

The main mission of the pilots is to attack Hamas and terrorist targets, while also participating in intelligence gathering and defense preparations against potential attacks. The ground maneuver in Gaza has made the attacks more complex, with strict measures in place to avoid harming IDF forces on the ground.

Despite the intense firepower, the pilots are also focused on minimizing harm to uninvolved civilians. “With all the strong feeling of revenge that we have, I always tell the pilots and technicians that we must maintain the differences between us and Hamas,” said Major E.

The intensity of the attacks has left a visible mark on the ground, with Major E. hearing from his friends in the fighting forces about the tremendous destruction caused. He expressed pride in being part of the historic event and taking part in correcting the situation imposed on them.

The unprecedented intensity of the attacks is a significant development in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
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