The woman who earns crores by choosing and giving names for children! I woman earns in crores by recommending a baby name

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Naming babies is not a normal thing. It is customary for many family, friends and acquaintances to sift through horoscopes, family names and favorite names. Since the name is the identity of the child throughout life, many will think that the child should be chosen in such a way that it is liked by everyone, especially after growing up, so that the child does not fall into the trap of ‘why did you keep this name …’. What name to choose can be a big confusion for many. Taylor A., ​​a 33-year-old woman from the United States, has been making millions by solving this problem and choosing the right name for her baby. Humphrey.

Taylor Humphrey
screenshot from video instagrammed by whatsinababyname

A graduate of New York University, he is a multi-talented entrepreneur, writer and storyteller. As he became more interested in choosing names for babies, he turned it into a money-making business in 2015 under the name Whats In a Baby Name. He also chooses the last name and last name of the parents. 1.14 crore by 2020 with about 100 customers. His parents are ready to give him up to Rs 7.6 lakh for a unique name nomination.

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