The women’s team denies having moved to New Zealand “out of boredom”

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2023-07-30 13:04:42

The women’s soccer team denies that its change of venue in New Zealand is due to “boredom»and the lack of atmosphere in the city where they were based, as assured by the American television channel ESPN, which reported that the Spanish women had gone to the capital earlier than expected because they found Palmerston North boring.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish team has denied the version and has clarified that the reason for the transfer to Wellington has been for purely sporting reasonsto prepare with more time in that city, venue of their match on Monday against Japan and a possible duel in the round of 16.

Manager Jorge Vilda has underlined that the Spanish team have “good memories” of their training camp at Palmerston North and only moved to Wellington early for logistical reasons. “We were delighted at Palmerston, both inside and outside the hotel.”

“It was a very favorable setting for a good performance and we took very good memories with us. We are in Wellington for logistical reasons and we are sure that we will be very happy here as well,” he told reporters.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish team told AFP: “We can only speak well of our stay there.” And she has assured that “the move to Wellington has nothing to do with being bored. They treated us very well and the players have no complaints».

For his part, the mayor of Palmerston North, Grant Smith, has spoken about it and has encouraged the women’s team to discover his city: “I would like to show the Spanish team a night out in Palmy.”

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