The X Factor: The Surprising Players of the Season

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Spanish League 21-22

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Eviatar Barkan 29/05/2022 09:27

The Surprising Players of the Season (Graphicist Jacob)

With the 2021/2022 season in the Spanish league underway, it is likely that Juanmi and Vance Onel were not the most popular choices of managers inLaLiga Fantasy ONE – The official dream league of the best league in the world. 38 rounds later, it turned out that those who believed in the pioneers of Betis and Hattafa, who did not start the season with a high price, made a huge profit.

The Green-White striker was the player who won the title of Outstanding Round (3) the most times, scoring 17 goals (same deaths as the one he had scored in all four previous seasons combined), netting more locusts and averaging 217 points on average 6.03 per round. Thanks to all these impressive numbers, he was not only selected for one of our surprises this season, but also raised his market value in fantasy to over 34 million euros.

The team’s striker from the suburbs of Madrid, recorded a record season personally in Spain, even though the Blues got entangled at the bottom. 16 goals (the same amount for almost 50% of all Hattafa season goals) was scored by the Turkish who finished as the ninth attacking player in his fantasy fantasy with 184 points averaging 4.97 per round. Watch our analysis for the selection of the surprising players of the season.

The most surprising players this season in Fantasy

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