There are six processes to achieve a quota

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2023-07-05 16:07:31

On the 17th, the process to enter the Institution of Higher Education and Technical and Technological Institutes will begin and there are six processes to achieve a quota.

First. From July 17 to 30, the national registry will begin, in charge of Senescyt, which will be in charge of collecting information from all students, dividing the population into categories in order to assign places in order of priority.

Second. Then comes the online registration, where applicants have the option of enrolling in several institutions, doing the process within each one, since only five were left in charge of Senecyt. The National University of Chimborazo and the Higher Polytechnic School of Chimborazo already have their own cycles.

Third. The evaluation does not yet have a defined date, since it is the decision of each university, as well as the modality; they must also socialize an agenda. Students must give the number of tests according to the institutions to which they are registered.

Quarter. Then, the application stage will come, a process in which, together with the note, the students will request a place in a certain career, the assignment will be based on meritocracy.

Fifth. Quota assignment soon arrives, where the system collates all the data and compares the variables; deciding if the score and survey have been enough. The Senescyt communicates by mail with each student mentioning the obtaining or not of the quota.
Sixth. Finally they go to the sixth stage known as quota acceptance, where the student can accept or reject according to her interests to proceed to enrollment.

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Important. According to Luis Zurita, a professor at the Admissions and Leveling Coordination of the National University of Chimborazo, the process takes approximately three months, so classes are expected to start the second week of October.

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