These are the most innovative doctors in Mexico according to the AMIIF

These are the most innovative doctors in Mexico according to the AMIIF
  • For the eighth consecutive year, the AMIIF carried out the Innovation Week.
  • During the event, recognition was given to the most innovative doctors in Mexico based on their work and career.
  • Each of the chosen ones received the work of art “Mujer de Tres Cabezas” made by Wixárika artisans from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata.

The main function of a doctor is always to care for and attend to the health problems of their patients. Although in no way should you fall into the error that it is the only one because there are also others that you can play. In fact, because of his work there are some doctors who are considered the most innovative in Mexico and it is time to know their names.

Innovation Week 2023 begins

With the aim of analyzing the health innovation environment in Mexico and proposing improvements always with the patient at the center, for the eighth year the Mexican Association of the Pharmaceutical Research Industry (AMIIF) inaugurated Innovation Week 2023. It is a event organized in partnership with the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (FIFARMA).

During the inaugural event, the AMIIF and FIFARMA endorsed the commitment to the health of Mexicans in the search for new therapeutic options that affect the well-being of people.

In her first message as president of AMIIF, Constance Losada commented “more than three years ago the pandemic put us on the ropes, we had to be resilient, but it was science, the key that allowed us to overcome this health crisis. Today it has become clear that innovation in health has a positive impact on the economic growth of any nation; innovation in health changes the lives of millions of people and that is why I want to invite you to work collaboratively to generate well-being and health in Mexicans.”

Likewise, Thomas Cueni, CEO of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), commented that “IFPMA brings together 39 innovative companies based on research and 51 trade associations. Each and every one of them working on health innovation for the future, so that each and every one of the patients receive adequate treatment that allows them to recover their health or have quality of life.

Recognition of the trajectory of the most innovative doctors

  • As part of the gratitude expressed by the AMIIF to the medical community, this year the medical-scientific trajectory of the Dr. Cristina Loyo Varela, founding member and general director of the National Laboratory for Advanced Informatics (LANIA). She obtained her PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Paris VI in the field of Mathematics Applied to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Likewise, the trajectory of the Drag. Helgi Helene Jung Cook, who is a full-time tenured research professor in the Department of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and is a member of the SNI Level 3.
  • To the Dr. María del Carmen García Peña, who currently works as general director of the National Institute of Geriatrics. Dr. García Peña has developed various lines of research on aging, depression and frailty, as well as health care models, among others.
  • Al Dr. Enrique Wolpert Barraza, gastroenterologist doctor who has served as Undersecretary of Health Services of the Ministry of Health, General Coordinator of the National Institutes of Health and medical president of the Mexican Foundation for Liver Health, among others. Together with doctors Luis Guevara and David Kershenobich, he founded the Liver Clinic of the “Salvador Zubirán” National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition.
  • For their work in the health sector worldwide, AMIIF also recognized Thomas Cueni, who as director general of IFPMA has the mission of promoting the development of sustainable solutions that allow innovation and improve global health. Over the past two decades he has been instrumental in developing collaborative solutions to some of the biggest global health challenges.
  • Lastly, the work within the industry was recognized Carlos Banos Urquijowho, during more than 30 years at Eli Lilly, marked constant development and an absolute passion for innovation, holding various key positions nationally and internationally.

What did the most innovative doctors in the country receive?

Each of these outstanding professionals were recognized with the work of art “Woman of Three Heads”. It is a unique piece of Huichol art made by Wixárika artisans from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata.

In this regard, Cristóbal Thompson explained that “this work represents the power to create and nurture one’s own life. In honor of that spirit, we come together to share that passion for life, to give our best and provide solutions that improve people’s health.”

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