They investigate whether a banned ICD lawyer works for a private law firm

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2023-04-26 15:20:30

The official’s number in the WhatsApp application is linked directly to the firm.

( A complaint filed with the authorities of the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD) He asks that a lawyer from the entity be investigated, since he would be being paid the prohibition plus, but his personal telephone number appears in the advertising of a law firm. has a copy of the complaint in which an official named López, who works in the Legal Advice Unit of the ICD, is pointed out.

Inclusive, By reviewing their phone number on WhatsApp (as of April 25, 2023), the platform directly links the official with the law firm that offers legal and notary services.

After consulting the ICD Management, Fernando Ramírez Serrano, Director General of the entity, confirmed that this official “is paid the item of prohibition, and to date has not submitted any request to renounce it.”

Of course, Ramírez did not confirm or rule out the existence of an administrative process, since he pointed out that the General Law of Public Administration establishes the privacy and confidentiality of the process.

However, it is known that the complaint reached the ICD Directorate, the Audit Office and even this media outlet.

According to public documentation, the appointment of the official with the last name López took place at the end of 2021. contacted, by telephone, the official named López to issue his opinion on the complaint, however, he preferred not to refer to the case.

Family buffet?

According to the advertisement of the Firm in the social network of Facebook, for the services offered, the telephone numbers of the active official appear, as well as the contact of the father of the ICD official, who is also a lawyer with the last name López.

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The posts offer legal services such as property registration, marriages and legal proceedings against the State.

According to the complainants, this alleged case would be about an “incompatible private activity” with the prohibition regime that is recognized for the lawyer.

“The advertising posted on Facebook clearly shows the personal phone number of the official associated with the law firm, which reveals incompatibility in the exercise of his duties as a public official, in case he is subject to the prohibition regime”

“Also the incompatibility, prohibition and conflict of interest is shown to the
publish information against the State itself in the promotion of Amparo Resources when it comes to a commercial firm related to the public official,” the complaint cites.

The document sent to the ICD authorities consists of 9 pages and was sent to the General Directorate, the Audit Office and even the Presidency since last March 31.

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