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The short message service Twitter was temporarily unavailable in Germany. Also in other countries like the USA or Brazil it was not possible to tweet. An error message was displayed to users who accessed the page.

In this country it said: “Twitter just doesn’t work, but we’ll take care of it.” It’s not yet clear what caused the problem, which has since been fixed. The company hasn’t tweeted about it yet.

More than 12,000 outages have been reported at Alle in the past 24 hours. The app and the website were apparently equally affected. Over 54,000 faults were reported from the USA.

Individual users reported on the Alle homepage that they had been completely logged out. Others wrote that the Twitter helpdesk was unavailable.

Sentence with x was probably nothing: Elon Musk withdrew his offer for Twitter


Founded in 2006, 229 million people are active on the platform every day. Many celebrities and politicians use Twitter, such as soccer professional Mesut Özil (over 26 million followers) or Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (one million followers).

Twitter Zoff between Musk and Trump

According to his own statements, Elon Musk recently wanted to take over the short message service, but the US billionaire withdrew his offer. The offer was worth more than 44 billion US dollars. Background to the back down: The richest man in the world argued that there were far more fake accounts on Twitter than the company originally stated.

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That brought a former Twitter ultra to the scene: ex-US President Donald Trump. At an election campaign event in Alaska, he called Musk a “bullshit artist”, which translates to a crank and a slob.

Of course, that didn’t let the brain behind Tesla sit on its own. He tweeted back, “It’s time for Trump to take off his hat and sail into the sunset.”

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