TikTok will add a ‘dislike’ button to flag offensive comments

TikTok has announced that it is adding a new feature to its application that will allow users to flag comments that are deemed irrelevant or offensive.

The button drawn like an inverted finger (Dislike) will be found next to each comment and clicking on it will not show it to others and the commenters will not receive a notification that their comment has been flagged. Commenters and other users will also not be able to see how many times the button has been marked as ‘disliked’ and you can click again to cancel the action.

“Earlier this year, we started testing a new way for people to identify comments they think are irrelevant or inappropriate,” TikTok said in a tweet. “After some testing, we’re releasing the new option worldwide. We created this as a new way to get feedback directly from our community. It allows us to better identify irrelevant or inappropriate comments, which helps us highlight real and authentic responses.”

TikTok has not released how many ‘dislikes’ will cause the comment to be removed – if any, but this is intended to signal to it that the post should be followed. It also said that the flag does not count as an official report and that users should still use the standard process for reporting comments of harassment, hate speech, bullying, etc.

This is part of a broad move by Tiktok to make the social network a little more pleasant, thus joining YouTube, Reddit and others that already allow comments to be rated today.


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