The Lépine competition, which rewards the best inventions, awarded, on Sunday, May 8, its most prestigious distinction to a connected defibrillator accessory, which is automatically triggered during a call to the emergency services for a heart attack. The connected box “Geocore” imagined by Frédéric Leybold, which is placed above the defibrillators, imposed itself among 358 inventions in competition for this 121st edition of the competition.

Its principle? When the emergency services receive a report of cardiac arrest, the server locates the nearest connected devices, which then begin to flash to attract the attention of passers-by. Thanks to a QR code, onlookers can then locate the victim and bring him help more quickly than the firefighters or the SAMU.

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Responses to societal issues

For this invention, Frédéric Leybold – a nurse by profession – was awarded the prize of the President of the Republic, in the form of a Sèvres porcelain vase. “I am very happy that the first prize in the competition has been awarded to him”reported to Agence France-Presse (AFP) the director of the competition, Barbara Dorey, who salutes an invention “very important from a humanist point of view”.

“It’s very representative of what the Lépine competition is”she added, touting a “connected object for the good of all”, “the answer to the ultimate need in the event of a heart problem”.

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This year, “the members of the jury were sensitive to current societal issues”such as the environment, “and it’s on the list”, said Ms. Dorey. So much so that among the five most prestigious prizes in the competition founded in 1901 by the prefect of police Louis Lépine, two were awarded to innovations geared towards green construction.

“On-Scenes”a ready-to-use vegetal coating on the walls of industrial companies that allows “filter greenhouse gases from inside the company” thus won the Prime Minister’s Prize, when Claude Meyer’s lightweight rigid cellulose building bricks, “fully recyclable”left with the prize from the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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