Trump will be summoned to testify before the Commission investigating his coup attempt

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View of the hearing of the Commission investigating the assault on the Capitol, this Thursday in Washington. / REUTERS

Through new evidence, the panel exposes how the former president admitted his electoral defeat to various officials and his desire not to admit it because “it was shameful”

The commission of January 6 has approved this Thursday by unanimous vote to summon former President Trump to testify before the panel about his attempted coup and his involvement in the plot to retain power and annul the results of the elections.

The surprise vote, which was announced during the public hearing in real time, ends intense speculation in recent months about whether the panel would ultimately decide to issue a subpoena to the former president. Summons which, it is widely assumed, he will try to block in court.

The ninth and possibly final hearing of the congressional panel investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill has focused on the “state of mind” of former President Donald Trump, as well as his central role in the events before and after. of the elections.

Since July, Trump planned to proclaim himself the winner and declare the November elections fraudulent and spread the lie on a large scale, a plot he planned with his allies Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

Through surprising new details in witness statements and images, the panel exposed how the former president admitted his electoral defeat to various officials of his Administration and his desire not to admit it because “it was shameful.” Despite this, intentionally, premeditated and without a basis for real fraud, Trump continued with his plot to annul the electoral results and made executive decisions of enormous international political importance for the country.

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Knowing that he had lost the elections and that Biden would be the next president, Trump signed two executive orders for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Somalia and Afghanistan, which if carried out in those terms would have had serious consequences.

Behind Trump’s back

On the day of the elections, a document circulated in the Administration with the content of the statement that the former president would make at night on the electoral results in which he affirmed his victory.

The Secret Service and intelligence and law enforcement agencies were aware in advance of the security risks to Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as the presence of heavily armed groups and their violent intentions in an attack that went beyond the limits of a demonstration. democratic. Alerted, the Secret Service arranged a plan behind Trump’s back to prevent him from marching to the Capitol with the violent.

The panel also featured stunning never-before-seen footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sheltering in the building, pleading for help over the phone to defend the Capitol in real time as the violent attack was taking place in other dependencies of Congress.

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