Turkey-Syria Earthquake; Deaths pass 36,000; Now the priority is to help the survivors

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Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll exceeds 36,000 The real figure is estimated to be more than double. Meanwhile, the first phase of the rescue operation is ending and the priority is now to help the survivors. Relief chief Martin Griffiths said.

A week after the tragedy, the hope of getting people out alive has almost disappeared. The UN said that the first phase of the rescue operation could end in this situation. Relief chief said. The next step is to help those who survived the disaster. It is reported that around eight lakh people in Turkey and Syria are not getting enough food or water. Tens of thousands are living on the streets in the extreme cold without adequate nets or blankets. The rescue workers from foreign countries are giving importance to building basic facilities including tents for them.

Only marginal relief efforts are still underway in rebel-held areas of Syria. The US has asked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to help bring aid. President Joe Biden asked directly. Later, 52 trucks of the UN reached the rebel-held area with aid. It was also agreed to open two more routes for rescue missions from Turkey to Syria.

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