two Crimean clubs violate UEFA regulations and register for Russian D4

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2023-07-17 17:50:07

FC Sevastopol and Rubin Yalta, two Crimean teams, joined Russia’s fourth division on Sunday as Ukraine contests Russia’s annexation of the region.

Crimea is de jure in Ukraine and in fact annexed by Russia. Crimean clubs FC Sevastopol and Rubin Yalta are visibly in favor of a fait accompli. These two teams have just played their first game in the Russian fourth division this Sunday.

This decision goes against the regulations of UEFA, the governing body of European football, and did not fail to react to the Ukrainian Federation: “This is a clear violation of international law and a gross injustice to Ukraine. Russia’s occupation of Crimea is illegal and all sporting events conducted by the Russian Football Federation in the occupied region must be stopped.»

As a sanction, the Ukrainian leaders are asking international bodies to “no longer recognize these clubs and apply sanctions against Russia».

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