UCLG Africa in its 29th session on June 03, 2023

UCLG Africa in its 29th session on June 03, 2023

2023-05-31 10:32:51

A few days before the General Assembly of the United Nations Habitat Organization (UN-Habitat) (from 05 to 09 June), the organization United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) announced the held, on June 3, of its 29th session. A meeting to be held in Kisumu, Kenya.

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After their participation in the 9th edition of the Africities Summit from May 17 to 21, 2022, the leaders of the Executive Committee of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) are meeting on June 3, 2023 in Kisumu, Kenya. As part of the 29th session of the organization’s Executive Committee, this statutory meeting will be an opportunity for the five (05) leaders to approve the accounts for the year 2022 of the organization and to examine the implementation of the action plan 2023 of UCLG Africa in line with the UCLG Africa Development Strategy 2021-2030, also known as the Governance, Advocacy, Program for Decentralized Development in Africa (GADDEPA 2.0). After their participation in the 29th session, the members of the Executive Committee of UCLG Africa will participate in the General Assembly of UN-Habitat scheduled for June 5-9 in Nairobi. This session of the Executive Committee will be preceded, on June 2, 2023, by a workshop with Afreximbank on the African Sub-Sovereign Governments Network (AfSNET). As a reminder, the Executive Committee of UCLG Africa is the body responsible for the political direction of the organization. The Executive Committee is composed of 18 members, 15 members elected by the General Assembly of UCLG Africa (3 for each of the 5 regions of Africa), and 3 ex-officio members, namely, the President of the Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA), which is the Standing Committee for Gender Equality of UCLG Africa; the President of the Forum of African Regions (FORAF); and the President of the Young Locally Elected Africa Network (YELO).

About UCLG Africa

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa is the umbrella organization of local authorities in Africa. It was founded in 2005 in the city of Tshwane, South Africa, following the unification of three continental groups of local governments, namely the Union of African Local Authorities (AULA); the Union of African Cities (AVU); and the Africa section of the União das Cidades e Capitais Lusófonas Africana, Americana y Asiatica (UCCLA). UCLG Africa brings together the 51 national associations of local and regional governments operating in Africa as well as 2000 cities and territories with more than 100,000 inhabitants who are direct members. Through its members, UCLG Africa represents more than 350 million African citizens. A founding member of the world organization UCLG, it is the regional section for Africa. UCLG Africa’s headquarters are based in Rabat, capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, where it enjoys diplomatic status as a Pan-African International Organization. UCLG Africa also has five regional offices in Cairo, Egypt, for North Africa; in Accra, Ghana, for West Africa; in Libreville, Gabon, for Central Africa; in Nairobi, Kenya, for East Africa; in Pretoria, South Africa, for Southern Africa.

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