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UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that the current world has become much more chaotic and much less predictable than during the Cold War between the former USSR and the United States. During a lengthy press conference on the evening of Friday, January 21, he noted that the world is now dangerous because there are no tools to resolve crises.

“The Cold War was between two opposing blocs, where there were clear rules and mechanisms to prevent conflicts. The war never became hot because there was a certain level of predictability,” Guterres explained. He said he would not call the current dangerous situation in the world a cold or hot war, but would rather characterize it as “a new form of warm confrontation.”

The threat of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

António Guterres called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to abandon any military intervention in Ukraine. “I am convinced that this will not happen and I really hope that I am right,” he said. According to the head of the world organization, “it is important that dialogue leads to a good solution, and a good solution is de-escalation and the end of the crisis.” “This is our goal. I really hope that diplomacy will win,” he stressed.

Russia pulled about a hundred thousand troops to the border with Ukraine. The West suspects the Russian Federation of intending to invade Ukraine again, but the Kremlin denies that it has such plans and, for its part, demands written guarantees from NATO that Ukraine will not be included in its composition. NATO says this requirement is unacceptable to it. Negotiations between Russia and the West have not yet led to a breakthrough in resolving the crisis around Ukraine.

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