United States to contribute $3 billion to Green Climate Fund at U.N. climate summit

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**Title: United States to Announce $3 Billion Contribution to Green Climate Fund**

The United States is set to announce a $3 billion contribution to the Green Climate Fund, sources familiar with the matter said on Saturday. The fund, which was created in 2010, is the largest international fund dedicated to climate action and has over $20 billion in pledges.

This latest pledge will be in addition to the $2 billion previously delivered by the United States to the fund. The announcement is expected to be made at the U.N. climate summit in Dubai by Vice President Kamala Harris, who is representing the United States at COP28 in place of President Joe Biden.

Harris, along with climate envoy John Kerry and dozens of senior officials, is part of a U.S. delegation attending the summit. The pledge is a further indication of the Biden administration’s commitment to tackling climate change and supporting global efforts to mitigate its impacts.

Reporting by Nandita Bose and Valerie Volcovici, writing by William James, editing by Elizabeth Piper and Katy Daigle

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