Vivienne Westwood: «My sos for the planet. Governments renounce land ownership “

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White hair gathered with simple clips and a gray checked men’s suit, eighties shoulder pads and a mother-of-pearl necklace. Under a turquoise vest like the striped silk shirt and his eyes: two pins framed by pink eyeshadow. “I wanted to wear one of my favorite suits, a men’s suit that is also very feminine,” she says sitting on a white sofa on the fourth floor of the Savoy hotel in Piazza della Repubblica in Florence. She is the stylist Vivienne Westwood, 80 years old last April and a teenager energy. It arrived in the city as a guest of the thirteenth edition of the «Florence Biennale. International exhibition of contemporary art and design »in Fortezza da Basso until 31 October 2021, which today he awarded her the “Leonardo da Vinci” Lifetime Achievement Award (for the Design). «An award in recognition – reads the motivation – of a revolutionary creative production that has marked the history of fashion design over the last fifty years, changing and expanding the concept of femininity, and for having conceived and promoted innovative campaigns with the aim of protecting life on our Mother Earth ».

Westwood’s is a career marked by battles as a true activist: she, energetic, smiling and ironic, has never given up her political verve e he also chooses this Florentine occasion to talk about the fate of the planet rather than his fashion. «I have already come to Florence twice more – she remembers – At the end of the Eighties, with the Cut and Slash collection, I presented my first men’s line at Villa Gamberaia on the occasion of Pitti Uomo; in 2008 the students of the Italian Academy awarded me the honor The Pyramid of Excellence. Like all of Italy this is a beautiful city, and I hope to have the opportunity to visit the Uffizi and the Duomo. And then I produce knitwear in Prato. I am back from Naples where I was to shoot the last campaign and I found it irresistible and authentic. Today is an important moment – he continues – from Florence I will read for the first time in front of the public a letter of mine which is a warning to find a way to go back in the process that is killing the world. “No man’s land” I titled it e indicates the solution I have come up with to save the planet which is the only real important thing that all humanity should keep up with while instead we only talk about politics and economics, forgetting this truth ”. Vivienne’s warning is collected in a handwritten piece of paper with the overwritten Sos on it. “I collected here – he explains – the thoughts I matured in the 52 weeks of last year on my climate revolution site, I communicated a reasoning on how to get to a better world, and I came to this: we need to change the global economy and we need to above all that people and governments renounce land ownership which is not ours but a common good. Here is all this I would summarize with the keyword re-wild, in short, returning to a pre-industrial and wild world ». A genuine world where you can follow the young woman’s precepts Greta Thunberg? “I like her very much – he concluded – I never thought about dressing her up, she’s so beautiful like this! “.

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October 26, 2021 | 10:16

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