Voila, the surprise: this is the real reason that Shrutam Sela does not reveal her children

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Rotem Sela She is one of the most successful women who stars on the screen at any given moment – whether by hosting the most successful prime time shows, appearing in commercials and in the commercials themselves, in television series and desirable campaigns. And despite her high presence on the screen, Sela makes sure to keep the most precious piece of her heart only to herself.

Sela, a mother of three, two daughters and a son, keeps her children away from the spotlight and does not share photos of her treasures on social media. Now she explains the real reason for this and reveals whether this is likely to change soon.

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Rotem Sela about her children (photo: Instagram screenshot)

In a question-and-answer format, Sela was asked by her followers when she would reveal her children, and this was the answer: “Not soon. I can’t see how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this case. It’s true that it’s fun to be proud of children, but being the daughter or son of Without you walking down the street at the age of 6 and people recognizing you and approaching you. I want to give them a normal childhood. Sweet and innocent like I had.”

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Rotem Sela, Anne Rutter (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

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