War in Sudan: Saving local forces would set a precedent

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2023-04-27 09:11:34

Rand the Bundeswehr has flown 500 people out of the embattled Sudan since Sunday, the majority of them Germans. The evacuation, if necessary armed, can theoretically continue until the end of May. The Bundestag will probably issue the necessary mandate for the deployment of up to 1,600 soldiers this week. Most of the Germans who were in Sudan when the war began in mid-April are now safe. But according to the government’s message, one will only rest when the last citizen has been saved.

The still tense situation is reminiscent of that in Afghanistan two years ago. And although the war of power-hungry generals in Sudan does not have the ideological component of the Taliban seizure of power, the question of the fate of the local forces also arises in this case.

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