Was AMLO’s worst mistake disappearing Seguro Popular?

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2023-12-11 01:10:10

There is one year left until the end of the current six-year term and there are several pending issues that have not been fulfilled. Health is one of the main ones because some even claim that there has been a decline. Given this question, it is worth analyzing whether the decision of AMLO of disappearing Popular insurance was right or wrong.

To begin with, although the Mexican Constitution establishes that health is a right, in practice this is not entirely true. The reason is because not everyone can access medical services at no cost, as was proposed at the beginning of the current administration.

Why did AMLO Popular Insurance disappear?

For its part, it is necessary to remember that when AMLO became president, one of his first actions was to eliminate Seguro Popular. The reason was simple because according to his own words: “it was neither safe nor popular.”

And what was Popular Insurance?

To give a little history, this program was born in 2003 during the six-year term of Vicente Fox. Its main objective was to provide medical care to people without social security. At the time it was based on three main points.

Equity to reduce lags and inequalities. Quality to solve heterogeneity in services. Financial protection for more than 50 million Mexicans who did not have social security.

For its part, one of the reasons why AMLO He decided eliminate Popular Insurance It is because he assured that it was full of corruption. Although in order not to leave the population helpless, in 2019 he announced a decree with the program that would replace it and was the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi).

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The problem is that the initial objective was never met. In accordance with an investigationIn 2018, there were 16.2 million Mexicans who lacked basic health services. While by 2020 the figure increased to 28.2 million individuals.

From Insabi to IMSS-Wellbeing, are there real changes?

Given the null results in 2022, its dissolution was announced and its place was taken by the IMSS-Wellbeing. With this new change it is expected that there will now be results although now the problem has been the mixed reception it has received.

To be part of the IMSS-Wellbeing Approval from state governments is required. Of the 32 entities, only 23 have signed the agreement to join the program. While the rest use their own resources to guarantee care for their inhabitants without social security.

Given everything that has happened, several voices mention that the decision of AMLO to eliminate Popular Insurance It was for ideological reasons. To put an end to the work of previous governments, it began with the dissolution of many programs, regardless of whether they had a good or bad performance.

In the end, a conflict of thought between politicians has only affected the people who were left without medical care. While the passage of Knowledge al IMSS-Wellbeing has generated even more uncertainty. To date, it has been questioned whether this new program will really be the solution or will only increase the problem.

For now, do you think that AMLO’s decision to eliminate Seguro Popular was a success or a mistake?

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