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Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel commented on the fact that Russian fans will not be able to attend the final match of Group B between the Danes and the Russian national team, which will be held tomorrow June 21 in Copenhagen.

After the case of Christian Eriksen you showed how much you love and support each other. Surely, your team will be recognized as the team of the entire tournament …

Casper Schmeichel: When players talk about their team, they only say good things. But in extreme situations, people show what they are made of. Our team proved to be a sincere team, where everyone supports each other. We have shown what it means to be Danish. We showed that we are proud of our country, that we can represent it. Until now, I haven’t come across anything like that. We sacrifice a lot when we train, we spend time away from family, from children. But the opportunity to represent our country in such a tournament is what we play for.

Does the fact that Russian fans won’t be able to come to the match help you a lot?

Casper Schmeichel: We don’t want to underestimate the Russian national team. We need to focus on their game, but above all on ours. As for the fans, we will try to turn this into an advantage for us. Let’s see what happens.


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