“We will kill your children and the elderly”

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2023-12-08 07:04:05

In the summer of 1260, four Mongol envoys arrived in Cairo with orders from their master: Hulagu Kan. The letter they carried was written in Arabic and decorated with quotes from the Koran, but not as a sign of respect for their religion, quite the opposite.

The goal of the grandson of the great Genghis Khan was to make it clear to the sultan of Egypt that he would have no problem annihilating his entire people if he did not bow to his wishes. His exact words were:

«You cannot escape the terror of our armies. Where would you flee to? What path would allow you to escape from us? Our horses are fast. Our swords are like lightning bolts. Our hearts, hard as mountains. Our soldiers, as numerous as grains of sand. Fortresses will not stop us, nor will weapons be able to stop us. Your prayers to God will be of no use against us. “We are not moved by tears nor are we moved by lamentations.”

This is how this week’s History podcast begins, dedicated to one of the most sinister characters that the world produced in the Middle Ages. So much so that Hulagu Khan was known as “The Terror of Islam”, after years massacring all the Muslim towns that he found in his path. In case there was even the slightest doubt, the letter ended with another threat: “We will tear your mosques to pieces, we will reveal the weakness of your God and then we will kill your children and your elderly… All of them together!”


Screenplay and production: Israel Viana.

Edition: Manuel Garre.

Voiceover: Israel Viana, Blanca Nava, Manuel Garre, Juan Lopez Corcoles and Pablo Ortega.

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