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Omer Adam, the man and legend who created the phrases ‘she just wants to dance’, ‘hello hello police, there’s a robbery here tonight’ and of course, of course, ‘Open a story’, is without a doubt one of the most successful singers in the country. It’s just the time to honor him with a celebratory special starring him in the very advanced stages of ‘The Next Star’, with only ten contestants left until the grand finale in less than a month, but who’s counting. ready?

First came Yanai ben Hamo with his performance of ‘Melting from you’, and managed to melt us and the judges, as always, and win a fairly respectable 73 percent. Since again we came to the hot seat method, also yesterday, he waited on the royal armchair until one of his friends got less than him. Karmi Glasner didn’t do this and left him sitting, but he came with ‘Ohavat Moi Amitai’ to 80 percent, in a particularly romantic performance for his partner who was sitting in the audience.

Meitav Sherman (photo: Keshet 12 screenshot)

Third was Livy Panker, who returned for a second and successful round in a musical reality show after her days at a ‘music school’ somewhere at the age of 10. In this special evening, which was entirely dedicated to Omer Adam and his hits over the years, she performed his moving song ‘In the end everything passes’, and raised the bar with No less than 93 percent. Yam Gronich, who came after her, decided to diversify a bit, and went for ‘After all the years’ in the English version, a performance that won her only 67 percent and in the end was also her last.

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Last and especially kind was Meitav Sherman. The woman and the powerful voice, the kicking rock, and the qualities of the star from the first moment she stepped on the distinguished stage. I have no doubt that many viewers, myself included, asked themselves how she would manage to surprise us, and what rabbit she would pull out of the hat this time to combine her fondness for heavy rock with Adam’s bouncy Mediterranean pop.

Let me tell you one thing – she did it like no one expected, and it was just amazing. Of all the songs, Meitav chose ‘Hatis Dapok’, which has become an anthem in just about every place that wants its audience to not stop dancing for a second. The final result? A surprising rock ballad, just like discovering twenty shekels in the inside pocket of the coat. If you haven’t listened to the performance yet, I’m a little jealous of you. If so – you’ve probably been hearing it on loop for fifteen minutes in the car, and you have a good reason.

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