What is cognitive load and how can it be managed?

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2023-12-11 23:00:37

To from cognitive load It is a psychology theory that studies how the human brain uses its working memory. The main conclusion drawn from it is that our ability to process information is influenced by the number of tasks in which we participate and how well that flow is managed.

Much of the research on this theory has focused on how cognitive load affects physicians and how they care for the patient. It is clear that the amount of tasks and information that physicians have to process and manage on a daily basis is increasing significantly.

The cognitive load on doctors is increasing considerably

So this, in turn, indicates that the cognitive load of doctors is increasing considerably, something that is contributing to it becoming a load that contributes to a level of exhaustion, which translates into the so-called Burnout syndrome.

Likewise, superfluous tasks and information contribute to this cognitive load and subsequent exhaustion. Even the simplest task (such as, for example, requesting a follow-up appointment), it can become overly complicated due to too much information or cumbersome processes, especially if the doctor is doing other tasks and having other responsibilities at the same time.

It is one of the main reasons for burnout

What is clear is that cognitive load is one of the main reasons for burnout. To reduce it, administrative responsibilities and documentation are a good way to start reducing cognitive load. Although it is true that if some of the distractions that the doctor faces outside the consultation cannot be completely eliminated, it would be good to reduce them.

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Finally, it must be stated that, as healthcare technologies become more sophisticated, we must never lose sight of the human connection which allows you to find the correct diagnosis and treatment route.

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