what is the palme d’or worth and how was it financed?

what is the palme d’or worth and how was it financed?

2023-05-28 15:21:00

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Justine Triet examines the couple in her award-winning film at Cannes. If she criticizes the government, she largely benefits from the cultural exception.

Pair Olivier Ubertalli

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NWe bet on Anatomy of a fall, fourth feature film by Justine Triet, 44, to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. But not the Holy Grail of the Palme d’Or. Rather that of the prize for female interpretation.

Already showing the excellent The Zone of Interest by Jonathan Galzer, the German actress Sandra Hüller powerfully embodies Sandra, a writer suspected of the murder of her husband. An exceptional role of a dominant woman, sure of herself and free, which we doubt until the end of the guilt. In Anatomy of a fall, Sandra is a recognized and adored author, who has already published a few books. She has agreed to leave the urban comfort of London to live in the Alps, on the lands of her French husband, Samuel, whose language she speaks poorly. S…

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