What’s New in iOS 17.2: The Latest Features for iPhone Users

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2023-12-10 14:41:00
The highly anticipated update to Apple’s operating system, iOS 17.2, has finally been released to users. This upgrade brings a range of new features and improvements to the iPhone, including a new Journal application, home screen widgets for weather updates, and upgrades to Apple Music.

The Journal app is a new addition that allows iPhone users to organize their memories by adding text, photos, music, and audio recordings. The app also offers personalized ideas based on the user’s activity on the device.

Another notable feature is the new action button, which replaces the traditional mute switch on previous iPhones. This button can now be assigned to various actions, such as flashlight, camera access, and translation with the Translate app.

iOS 17.2 also introduces 3D video recording capabilities for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This feature allows users to record spatial videos with depth using the main camera.

In addition, the update brings new widgets for the home and lock screen, along with improved weather options that include a daily forecast and sunrise and sunset times.

Apple Music has also received some updates, including a filter for listening history that prevents others’ song selections from affecting the user’s recommendations. Users can also create a preference list of favorite songs for easy access.

For users concerned about security, the update includes a contact authentication key in iMessage to verify the identity of contacts and prevent eavesdropping in sensitive conversations. Additionally, the sensitive content warning now applies to stickers and decals in Messages apps to blur sensitive content before it is viewed.

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Lastly, Memoji users will be pleased to learn that they can now design the shape of the body, including the chest, waist, shoulders, and arms.

Overall, the iOS 17.2 update brings a host of exciting new features and improvements to the iPhone operating system, enhancing the user experience and adding new functionalities to the devices.

Published 10/12/23 14:41 | Updated 10/12/23 21:53
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