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2023-12-10 11:00:01

The new president of the Argentine Republic, Javier Milei, who takes office today in the midst of one of the most serious economic crises that the country has to go through, will need the support of all sectors of society, both those who have believed in his transformative proposal by supporting it with their vote, as well as those who did not vote for it but who now must admit that the country could not continue on the path it has taken until now.

People had the opportunity to choose between two different models and opted for the proposal of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), convinced that it was the only alternative to change the course of the Nation. Now it is the leaders of the different sectors, especially the political arc, who will have to show broad criteria to prioritize actions that benefit the country over sectoral or party interests, which in many cases are those that have had an impact. so that Argentina is immersed in the chaotic situation in which it finds itself. It is precisely those political sectors, which from now on will be the opposition, that have not been able to straighten the course of the country while they were in government and were condemning it to a state of poverty and backwardness in all areas without exception.

The union sector, like that of the popular social movements, must also rise to the occasion and act in accordance with the real needs of the country, avoiding exercising meaningless opposition, with the sole objective of demonstrating a hegemony that is only capable of promoting further delay in the Nation’s recovery process. The wild protest that has been talked about in recent days, with the aim of preserving sectoral privileges, cannot lead to anything positive, hence it must be rejected since, as has been said, this type of behavior will not be tolerated. interferences to return to the country of decadence that Argentina has become.

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The new president has been clear from the first moment that the situation in Argentina is critical and that the changes that our country needs are drastic. He has also said that there is no room for gradualism, lukewarmness and half measures and that if the country does not implement immediate measures it is heading towards the worst crisis in its history. Milei has said it clearly and the majority of the people have totally agreed with this way of acting in order to move Argentina forward. For all this, there is no other option than to collaborate with the new guidelines imposed by the presidency of the nation, confident that behind each decision there is a program that aims to recover the country based on development and growth criteria, in which The new leadership has been working with its technical teams for some time.

Tolerance and open-mindedness in search of the common good are essential requirements for this new stage that is inaugurated today.

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