Why should I do as they do, let them do as I do; Ranbir Kapoor’s old video goes viral

Why should I do as they do, let them do as I do;  Ranbir Kapoor’s old video goes viral

A video of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor shared by famous film critic Kamal R. Khan through his Twitter handle has started a new discussion on social media. He shared a video in which Ranbir says that he is against remake films. The video was shared with the caption, Ranbir Kapoor’s wise statement.

In the video, the actor says that he is interested in being a part of original films and why he is not interested in remaking a film made by someone else. He added that he wants to see others remake his films.

‘I think new directors will come in. Everyone is brave enough to take risks. Similarly, every actor today thinks like a character. Such changes are happening in cinema today. Why should I do a film that someone has made and it has become a big hit?

I want to do some new good movies. I want to see remakes of movies that I act in. Why would I be a part of a successful film starring someone else,’ Ranbir said in the video.

Recently, Ranbir once again spoke about remake movies. He said that in the beginning of his career, he was against remaking a film and even remaking a song, and that he acted in the song ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ first. He said that he could not say anything else that day.

In an interview to Times Now Digital, Ranbir added that it is very difficult to remake a successful film and if he ever does a film, it will never be a remake film.

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