why these parents prefer an English school for their children

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TESTIMONIALS – If the English capital has several renowned French schools, expatriate parents prefer to educate their children in the British system. Why this choice of immersion and what benefits do they derive from it?

Anne-Laure Bourbon didn’t hesitate for a minute when it came to enrolling her eldest, Helena, in school. This mother of four children, living in London, preferred the British school system. Now 9 years old, her little girl has therefore only known English schools, just like her brother, Aloys (7 years old) and her sister Sixte (4 years old). The last Grace, 20 months old, will also follow the same course. Anne-Laure Bourbon absolutely does not regret this choice. “We did not at all ask ourselves the question of choosing the French system“, she explains today.

This observation, other French mothers have also made. Anne Gauthier Spurr has two children aged 10 and 13, born in London. The French moved to the English capital 15 years ago. If she has above all made the choice of the English school, it is first of all for…

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