without absolute majority, what to do?

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without absolute majority, what to do?

PURCHASING POWER LAW. The purchasing power bill is widely challenged by the new composition of the National Assembly. How to set it up and preserve household purchasing power for Macron? What covenant? We tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 23 juin 2022 à 08h46] What will the purchasing power law, the flagship project of Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, really look like? The loss of my absolute majority in the Assembly by the Ensemble group reshuffled all the cards for the entry into force of the various proposals that make up this law. Fuel discount, tariff shield, Macron bonus… At the beginning of July, the study of these texts should therefore set the tone, and allow the government in place to see more clearly on the potential alliances to be put in place. The purchasing power of the French was Emmanuel Macron’s top priority, it is clear that the most precarious may have to wait a few additional days, or even weeks, pending an agreement between the various political forces in the country. .

We could have a collective work of the right and the left. We don’t have a choice anyway. It’s a change in French political culture“. These words are those of Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Europe, this Wednesday, June 22 on Europe 1. As rumors swirl about a possible alliance ofEnsemble! with The Republicans, now the government is considering casting a wider net. So, an alliance, yes. But with who ? Clément Beaune is already talking about the idea of ​​a larger coalition to allow Emmanuel Macron to benefit from an absolute majority, and to pass the necessary laws. Without a decree to implement Emmanuel Macron’s proposals, the executive will have to negotiate each article, one by one, to find the forty votes it lacks for an absolute majority.

The rise in consumer prices is expected to continue in the coming months. INSEE predicts an increase between 5% et 5,4% next June, enough to push the government to act, by proposing a salvo of measures to try to support modest households and low wages. In this sense, several proposals already mentioned by the executive for many weeks should indeed come into force in the event of an alliance between Together and another group present in the National Assembly. Here they are :

  • Food voucher: its amount could reach 60 euros and should benefit young people aged 18 to 25, as well as low-income families with children. The measure could concern 8 million people in France with the aim of allowing low wages to consume French, organic, and preferably in short circuits. The food check should not come into force this year, replaced by inflation aid of 150 euros.
  • Macron bonus: the Head of State intends to triple the amount of the exceptional purchasing power bonus to reach up to 6,000 euros in certain cases. It concerns employees whose salary does not exceed 3x the minimum wage.
  • RSA: the active solidarity income should be conditional on a minimum of activity on the part of the beneficiaries. The most likely track remains 20 hours of training per month. A way for the executive to promote the return to employment.
  • TV fee: it was a campaign promise the audiovisual fee will be abolished in 2022. Its amount was 138 euros in mainland France and 88 euros in Overseas for each household with a television.
  • Indexation of pensions to inflation: In addition to the introduction of a minimum pension of 1,100 euros, Emmanuel Macron wishes to index retirement pensions to the level of inflation to take into account the sharp rise in prices which should be durable.
  • Fuel bonus: the government could extend the discount of 18 cents on a liter of fuel, and even set up new, more targeted aid for those who have no choice but to use their vehicle to get to their workplace.

As announced by the spokesperson for the current government Gabriel Attalthe various measures forming part of the purchasing power law should be announced “after the legislative elections“. A way of respecting the timetable that Emmanuel Macron had set for himself and his various media outings, regularly announcing the implementation of these measures by the summer. Having not obtained an absolute majority in the Assembly , the Ensemble group will have to compose and forge alliances to try to obtain it and pass its laws. The announcement of the purchasing power bill is scheduled for July 6, not sure that this deadline will be respected in given the fragmentation of the political landscape since the second round of legislative elections.

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