World AIDS Day 2023 Campaign: Let Communities Lead to End AIDS

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2023-12-02 01:46:49
World AIDS Day Campaign Urges All Sectors to Work Together to End AIDS

As December 1 approaches, the focus on World AIDS Day intensifies, with campaigns and events planned around the world to raise awareness of AIDS prevention and support for people living with HIV. In Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, the Disease Prevention and Control Office is spearheading efforts to bring all sectors together to end AIDS, under the theme “Let communities Lead.”

Dr. Kraisorn Tothapthiang, Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Office No. 11, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, emphasized the importance of World AIDS Day in raising awareness and understanding of AIDS prevention and the acceptance of people living with HIV. The goal is to reduce the stigma and discrimination related to HIV and gender to no more than 10 percent.

Thailand has set ambitious targets to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, aiming to reduce new HIV infections to no more than 1,000 per year, AIDS-related deaths to no more than 4,000 per year, and stigma and discrimination to no more than 10 percent. Currently, Thailand estimates approximately 561,578 living HIV infections, with 10,972 AIDS-related deaths in 2022 and 9,230 new HIV infections.

Dr. Kraisorn highlighted the importance of cooperation from every sector and community, especially the youth, in raising awareness of AIDS prevention and the importance of using protection, such as condoms. Access to free HIV testing and treatment is essential, and every Thai person has the right to get a free HIV test twice a year at hospitals under the National Health Insurance System.

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The Disease Prevention and Control Office is urging individuals to get tested after engaging in risky behavior and to seek immediate treatment if diagnosed with HIV. Free treatment is available to reduce the risk of complications and allow individuals to live a normal life in society. More information can be obtained from the Department of Disease Control hotline at 1422.

With the World AIDS Day campaign in full swing, it is a reminder that the fight against AIDS requires solidarity and collaboration from all sectors. As the world comes together to observe World AIDS Day on December 1, it is a time to reflect on the progress made in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to recommit to ending the epidemic once and for all.

For more information and updates, follow the Disease Prevention and Control Office 11 in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. #WorldAIDSDay #DepartmentofDiseaseControl #SK11

By Thanyathorn Yaowayot
Disease and Health Risk Communication Group
Office of Disease Prevention and Control 11
Nakhon Si Thammarat Province]
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