‘Youth work bonus’, Macron’s project

Emmanuel Macron launches a plan for the training and employment of unemployed French youth with a ‘bonus’ of up to 500 euros for those who undertake to look for a job. “I am writing to you today to address the younger generations. Those who have experienced the pandemic in the age of freedom, those who are mobilizing for the climate emergency”, reads a post by the French president on his Facebook page, in which he announces the “Youth commitment contract”.

The initiative, open to all young people under 26 without work and training for several months, will start on March 1st. Subscribers, explains Macron, will be able to benefit “of 15-20 hours of accompaniment per week to discover a profession, train, find an apprenticeship or a job“. Whoever participates will receive up to 500 euros per month, under the conditions of actively engaging and accepting job offers.

“I am writing to tell you that the Nation will be with you to accompany you and allow you to go to the bottom of your projects”, Macron declares, recalling the government’s investments in the energy, space and culture sectors “to create jobs. that you can occupy tomorrow “. During the pandemic, the “one young man, one solution” platform was already launched which allowed three million to find a training, an internship or a job, Macron points out. Thanks to this action, youth unemployment is lower than in 2008. But it is still “too high”. And that is why the new initiative is launched.


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