1.7 million Afghans are leaving Pakistan: Is Türkiye the destination?

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2023-11-05 19:42:30

Birol Kılıç, Vienna, Observation, 05.11.2023

It may go unnoticed in Turkey, but Pakistan is encouraging 1.7 million Afghans without valid residence documents to leave the country voluntarily. Until 1 November 2023He gave r time. Otherwise, they would have to wait to be forcibly deported and placed in new centers established for this purpose. The government cited the deterioration of the security situation in the border area as the reason for the deportation decision. One wonders where these Afghans will go? It has been 4 days since this period expired.

According to Pakistani officials, more than 165,000 Afghans left Pakistan within a month due to the deadline for them to leave the country. While tens of thousands of people are forming kilometers-long queues at the border just before the deadline of November 1, 2023, and although these queues are slowly decreasing, will these Afghans, who are of primary concern to Turkish citizens, come to Turkey?

According to international news agencies, only 1,000 people are still waiting at the main border gate in Torkham, according to a representative of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government, but according to border officials, a total of 129,000 people have left Pakistan through the Torkham border gate since the beginning of October 2023, while 38,100 people He left the country via the Chaman border crossing in the southern province of Balochistan.

These citizens of Afghan origin, who are officially easily deported from Pakistan, are expected to come to Turkey via Iran and from there to the EU as illegal immigrants. You don’t need to be an expert to understand that Turkey’s citizens are in terrible trouble.

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The news that Syrian refugees in Turkey with temporary protection status were allowed to have a one-month holiday in their country was published on yenimuhalefet.com on Arap nedaa-post.com, but it is news that needs verification.

According to the news site, based on a source from the local council in Jarablus, entry into Syria will be made only from here and this decision covers all provinces except Gaziantep, as residents there can enter with their own permission.

The source on which the news is based explained that the visitor has the right to cross to Syria on the day and date he wants within the specified month after receiving the entry approval, and since there is no obligation to impose any restrictions on him, the permit period will be for the entire month. Again, according to the source, visitors must pay $100 for each person who wants to cross into Syria, except children aged three and under. According to the source, the payment will be made to the bank account of the local council in Jarabulus, then a copy of the bank receipt and a copy of the temporary protection card are sent to the municipality’s presidential office for registration and approval. According to the news, people who do not have a bank account are also allowed to make payments from another person’s account. When making the payment, the person on whose behalf the payment is made and the visitor’s temporary protection card number are also stated, which are taken into account when making the transaction.

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