A doctor reveals 8 simple steps to increase the male hormone in men

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Al-Marsad newspaper: A doctor and pharmacist revealed only 8 steps to increase the male hormone in men.

He advised first to buy capsules of the herb “Ashoganda” from pharmacies, which are very important to increase the hormone, according to his description.

He stressed the importance of eating a cup of ginger daily to stimulate blood circulation, burn fat and increase the male hormone.

He explained that lettuce and radish should be eaten constantly, as well as exposure to sunlight, because it increases vitamin D and also the male hormone.

He added: It is necessary to pay attention to healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado and omega-3, in addition to sleeping early and not staying up late, as well as losing weight, which leads to an increase in the hormone, unlike obesity.

He also advised exercises and “gym” because they increase endurance and the male hormone.

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