“A year of restrictions did not prevent 100,000 deaths”

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Italy in the red zone or in lockdown? “In the light of the results of a year of restrictions, which have certainly lowered the pressure on hospitals” without, however, managing to avoid “unfortunately almost 100 thousand victims despite everything, we must ask ourselves what could be a new scheme to give a change” to the struggle of Italy against the Covid-19 pandemic. Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and diagnostics of bio-emergencies at the Sacco hospital in Milan, declares this to time.news Salute, while the Government is studying further measures to combat the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the growing spread of variants .

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“Certainly – the expert reasons – if we had the possibility to vaccinate everyone immediately this would be the turning point. But we don’t have it despite promises”, observes Gismondo. “And we do not have it – he stresses – not only because of the vaccines that do not arrive, but also because we do not manage to vaccinate at a relentless pace, given that 30% of the doses are still not used”.

Hence the invitation to “question ourselves. I do not have the solution – the microbiologist said – but I am quite inclined to say that the schemes used so far have neither been sufficient nor effective enough. There are studies that are also being published in journals such as ‘Science’ or ‘Bmj’, with scientific evaluations of possible scenarios. We should take them all into consideration and question ourselves “, Gismondo repeats.

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