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Luis: thank you very much for thisanalysis and what is related toLatinas and the United States.luis: it was our conversationwith jessica zermeño.a day like today, 10 years ago,started the process ofThe intention was to protectdeportation and give them permission toI work for young dreamers.We discussed this topic withour guest.good night.>> good night.louis: this programinitially it was temporary, but10 years have passed. which is thepresent?>> without a doubt, the program isimmensely positive forall the young people whothey were able to enroll. the programgave them the opportunity not tobe deported. that themallowed to imagine a future inthis country. they are working,they are studying, they have formedfamilies and want to staylive in this country. even asignificant number of themcould marry citizensof the country and obtained thecitizenship, but await themost.Luis: I would consider thisprogram has been a successit’s just kicking the ballforward and without defining theproblem of many in the country?understood as a success in theas far as change is seensignificant in the life ofthese young people, who have theirlife resolved temporarilyin their immigration status. it’sopens doors for themEducation is a world of immensely positive fromthat perspective. but without any doubtis to kick the ball towardsin front of. they can’t stay intemporality forever.luis: despite the enormouscontribution of these young people,journalists, activists butwhy haven’t they been resolvedthe situation?. why congressis reluctant to the solutionfinal?>> is a good question.migration is an elementpoliticized in the debateAmerican.any measure that generatesrelief to a group is politicizedin discussion.we saw that previouslyThey made great efforts toend this measure, whichits inhuman. but one is missingdetermined political actionwe saw it last week. mei think we can beoptimistic and think that somemembers of congress canact to this extent and that thegeneral population you see withgood young people to the dreamers,They are not so young anymore.luis: what is needed for thatthe program becomeslaw?. what is the last pushwhat is needed?>> 10 senators are neededRepublicans with a sense ofhumanity, with the heart, thatremember that those younghave families in this country andthat they are voters and thatresolve to do the right thingnon-partisan.luis: is there any ideawho are those 10 senators?some pressure?>> without a doubt, those stateswhere there is a greaterpresence of immigrants ingeneral. very Clear Florida,California, there we hope to more sensitivity inimmigration issue and that we couldfind those 10 votes.


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