Actress Anicka Vikhraman alleges abuse by ex boyfriend Anoop Pillai, Shocking pics viral | Anicka Vikhraman: Ex-boyfriend brutally abused; Fans were shocked by the revelation made by actress Anikha Vikraman

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Tamil actress Anicka Vikhraman (Anicka Vikhraman) fans are now shocked to see the pictures posted on social media.

The actress who stole the hearts of the audience with the Kollywood movie ‘Vishamakaran’ won fans in a very short span of time with her beauty and acting skills.


Fans were surprised to see the news shared by the actress on social media the other day. The actress described that she was a victim of brutal abuse from her ex-boyfriend.


The actress, who was brutally beaten by her ex-boyfriend, shared her injuries and what happened to her with her fans.


In the pictures posted by Anikha, one can see fatal injuries on her face. There is a blood clot around the eye which was bruised by a strong blow. There are bruises on the face and chest. The hand is also seen to be injured. Anikha says that she was subjected to brutal mental and physical torture.


Anikha says that she has filed a complaint with the police and that her ex-boyfriend has been hiding and is constantly threatening her and her family.

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