Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges: They share their first baby bump photos

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2023-10-03 17:40:00

Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges share first baby bump photos

Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges are becoming parents for the first time.

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Adam DeVine and Chloe Bridges have announced they are becoming parents with cute baby bump photos.

Adam DeVine (39) and wife Chloe Bridges (31) are becoming parents for the first time. “Look, we’re pregnant,” the actor wrote on Instagram two pictures with his pregnant wife. “Well, I’m just fat, but Chloe is pregnant with a human baby!” In one of the photos, the “Pitch Perfect” star with his little tummy and Bridges with her clearly bulging baby bump are standing sideways to the camera.

Colleague is looking forward to “funniest and cutest child ever”

“It’s obviously very exciting,” the comedian continues. “This will be mostly a baby account now because I will dedicate my life to my child and hope he doesn’t use my dirty jokes recorded for decades against me.”

“Pretty Little Liars” star Chloe Bridges also posted two pictures of the couple posing closely in a harbor setting. Here, too, the focus of the photos is on Bridges’ baby bump, which the expectant mother proudly presents in a black and white polka dot dress.

“The funniest/cutest child ever,” says “Pitch Perfect” colleague Brittany Snow (37) about the baby news in the comments section. The well-wishers also include actress America Ferrera (39) and actor Anders Holm (42).

The couple married in October 2021. DeVine proposed to his girlfriend in October 2019, when they had already been a couple for four years.



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