After Kickl “freedom tour”: “Infected people are fighting for their lives” in 5 minutes

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In the press conference held today by the state on the corona situation in Carinthia (the state is currently in first place in Austria with the 7-day incidence – we reported), one of the reasons for the particularly high number of infections in the Wolfsberg district was also the so-called “Freedom Tour” of the FPÖ Carinthia Called the party leader in early November Herbert Kickl as guest and whose visitors would now fight for their lives.

“No measures taken”

So confirmed Health Councilor Beate Prettner (SPÖ)that some current cases can be traced back to the tour and criticized: “There were gatherings of several hundred people there, no measures were observed – neither distance nor mask, as is prescribed in the interior. Many, many people have become infected here and they have paid for it with their personal freedom. Some of them are in the hospital, some even in the intensive care unit and are struggling for their lives. “

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