Against the background of the decline in ratings: This is the dramatic change that will take place in the new editions

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The Second Authority Council decided tonight (Thursday) to shorten the news editions on television, despite the opposition of the three main channels.

In the first phase, the editions will be shortened on January 9 to 21:15, and in the second phase, on April 1, they will be shortened to 21:00, among other things after an extensive network protest on the subject.

As you may recall, viewing news in Israel is declining, according to data from the rating committee, with News 12 recording the lowest viewing average in the last two years last October – only 14.7%. This is a low figure like it was only in June 2020, so it was the summer season that is considered much less observable.

This is the lowest figure since the merger between Keshet and News on January 12, 2019, when before that the news company was jointly owned by Keshet and Reshet – and under the Channel 2 screen. To the sole controlling owner.

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