AGE ARE | Soccer player Heung Min Son ‘rejuvenates’ two years thanks to a Korean law

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2023-06-30 11:20:56

The scoring ability of Heung-Min SonSouth Korean striker Tottenham, is indisputable for any football fan. The player is one of the leaders in the English club’s locker room, and is also the top scorer of Asian origin in the history of the Premier League. However, what nobody expected was that, apart from sending balls into the back of the net, the footballer would be able to ‘rejuvenate’.And not only him.

The approval of the change in the longevity law that South Korea has carried out recently has been reflected in the age of its more than 50 million population. Until now, the entire population complied one more year every January 1, so there was no particular birthday date for each citizen. Also, counted months of gestationthus adding another nine months of ‘life’ to each South Korean newborn.

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In the case of Son, born on July 8, 1992his private box marked 32 years. Notwithstanding the acceptance of International system has resulted in the star having ‘lost’ two years, going on to have 30.

It should be noted that this bureaucratic modification, which also affects other prominent names in the world of football such as Kang-In Leedoes not pose any inconvenience to the English league nor their clubs, since all of them had registered the players with their ‘actual age’.

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