Albanies take power in Australia today Anthony Albanese

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Albanies take power in Australia today  Anthony Albanese

Sydney: Anthony Albanese, 59, will be sworn in as the new Prime Minister of the Left Labor Party in Australia today. The Conservative Liberal Party’s decade-long rule came to an end with the advance of the Greens Party and the Independents, who focused on climate change.

The Albanians will attend the quad summit in Tokyo tomorrow. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden are at the summit.

Greens, an environmental party, and women, who have competed independently on gender and climate change and defeated mainstream party candidates, will be a third force in Australian politics. Of these, Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party suffered the most major setbacks in the city. In many places, Labor votes were snatched away by independents and Greens.

The announcement of the results is protracted as it will take time to count the 27 lakh postal votes. Many turned to the postal vote because of Kovid. In the 151-member parliament (House of Representatives), an absolute majority requires 76 seats. With 70% of the vote counted, the Labor Party won 72 seats. The Liberal Alliance won 51. The Independents and the Greens won 14 seats. The result of 14 seats is yet to come.

The Labor Party hopes to get a simple majority when the full result comes. In the case of the Trishanku Sabha, the Labor Party will rule with the support of independents.

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