Aldo Cazzullo and Vito Mancuso talk about Purgatory and Paradise in episode 10 of the podcast “Dante Italia” –

from Tommaso Pellizzari

The series dedicated to the “Divine Comedy” ends in the same place where the poem ends: at the edge of the universe, in the dimension of eternity and bliss

If a reader thinks of the “Divine Comedy”, think first of allInferno. But that is only the first third of the work, which they follow Purgatory and Paradise. Through one the Poet reaches the other, leaving time and space behind him, until he crosses the limit of the universe and enters the dimension of eternity. From pain to bliss through hope, the journey is accomplished. And the journey of “Dante Italia”, the new podcast by Aldo Cazzullo made by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Audible.

In the tenth and final episode, entitled «Beyond», Cazzullo talks with the theologian and philosopher Vito Mancuso on the meaning and importance of Purgatory and Paradise, the two otherworldly dimensions perhaps less known than Hell, but no less splendid from a literary point of view. The full series is available here: below instead you will find the trailer for the tenth episode. At this link, the episode «Beyond», which closes the series.

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