Alzheimer’s: how to prevent the disease and what we know, to date, about possible treatments

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2023-09-21 07:50:48

Alzheimer’s disease “steals” the mind, disrupting the lives of those who suffer from it and their loved ones. It is estimated that around the world there are around 55 million people who suffer from dementia, of which over half are affected by the most widespread form, Alzheimer’s; in Italy it is estimated that there are between 1,200 thousand and 1,400 thousand people living with dementia, of which approximately 60 percent have Alzheimer’s. To date, there is no cure but, by intervening on the main modifiable risk factors, up to 40 percent of cases of dementia, expected worldwide by 2050, could be delayed and, in part, even avoided. The 2023 Alzheimer’s World Report presented by the Alzheimer Federation Italy and drawn up by its international partner Alzheimer’s Disease International, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, which occurs like every year, is entitled Reducing the risk of dementia: never too early, never too late on September 21st, with the aim of keeping high attention on the needs and rights of people with dementia and their families, combating the stigma that still affects those who suffer from dementia and their loved ones, and helping sick people to live at least with dignity.
The volume recalls, among other things, that in 2023 alone, 50,000 pieces of news were published around the world on how eating habits could prevent or promote dementia and its progression.

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